Historical-theatrical tours by Vayehi

About Vayehi

Historical-theatrical tours

Vayehi is an independent theater working in Israel. We produce theater in a wide range of the theatrical work. Vayehi was established in 2001 by Yahav Gal and Yael Peiser and has been successfully working since. 

We are proud with the quality of our productions and our reaching all people of Israel with uncompromising quality theater in an affordable price.

Historical-theatrical tours 

Historical-theatrical toursVayehi offers beautiful historical-theatrical tours in many sites across Israel: Jerusalem, Caesarea, Akko, Hachula nature reserve, Masada, Gamla, Zichron-Ya'akov, Yechiam fortress, the ancient synagogue of Baram and many more.

Since 2001 we have been working with the National Parks Authority, Antiquities Authority, IDF, the Ministry of Education, as well as with private corporations and tour guides.

Vayehi is the first established professional historical theater in Israel. and is the most successful in its kind. All our historical-theatrical tours are based on profound research of content and clothing of the historical periods and are preformed by professional first class actors, performing at the leading theaters of Israel

For Bar-mitzva tour, ao any other special tours and events please contact us:
Email: vayehi@gmail.com
Tel: +972.50.6309195

Watch: A Historical-theatrical tour in ancient roman city of Caesarea (in Hebrew)